Find Your Online Voice

Amplify your vocal ability to show up online, naturally

Course Summary

This short course gets you started with finding your own voice online, and getting comfortable with it! Showing up online is important. Finding your online voice goes beyond just videos - it feeds into all of your audio offerings as well as your writing voice. This course is your first stepping block into Online Voice Mastery. Whether you want to improve your livestream presence, get comfortable with podcasting or step into the world of audiobooks - if you can get over the first hurdles with this course the audio world is your oyster.

Course Curriculum

Shiggi Pakter

Sound Engineer both for stage and studio productions over 17 years, with a sprinkle of theatre training and professional vocal training (and learning English from scratch), Shiggi is the founder of AudioFy a grassroots powerhouse dedicated to all things audio content related - including defining your Own Online Vocal Mastery.

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